Freelance writer, editor, reporter, coordinator for Japanese media. Regularly publish articles and reports on India for Japanese newspapers, radio programs, websites, etc.

Coordination for research trips in India. Marketing research of India for Japanese clients. Lecture about India for Japanese in India and Japan.

2013: Found “MuseLinks”.

2012: Found “Muse Creation”.

2009: Returned to Bangalore.

2007-08: Lived in Mumbai temporarily.

2005: Shifted to Bangalore.

2001: Got married to Arvind Malhan in New Delhi

          and shifted Washington, D.C.

1998: Established Muse Publishing, Inc. in New York.

1996: Shifted to New York from Tokyo to study English.

1993: Started to be a freelance writer, editor.

1990: Started to work an advertisement company as a editor.

1988: Shifted to Tokyo.

          Started to work at a publishing company as an editor.

1988: Graduated Baiko Jyogakuin University, Yamaguchi, Japan.